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Selling Products On Handmade Stores
Why Sell on Handmade Stores
Handmade Stores is unlike other selling or ecommerce platforms because it does not charge fees for product listings and it does not take a percentage of a product sold. Instead artisans pay only monthly webstore rental fee and their PayPal merchant rate. This means the harder you work…the more money you make and keep!

What Can Be Sold on Handmade Stores
Handmade Stores connects artisans producing personally handmade products with buyers seeking unique, high quality products and gifts. At this time do not allow products that are “adult only” or “novelty” in nature. If you are the original author of the book and the content relates handmade products you may offer it for sale at Handmade Stores. We welcome graphic designers that are the sole designer of unique productions or offer services and things such as labels, logos, cards and stationary. Handmade Stores if for artisans. Selling supplies is not allowed. The exception are products such as custom textiles purchased by artisans and are used in the final composition of a handmade item.

Pricing for Handmade Stores
Seller pricing is flexible and grows as your business grows. Store rates are as follows:

•   Free Store -   Free - Under Construction Store
•   Standard Store -   $5.95 / Month - 10 Product Listings & Unlimited Sales
•   Power Store -   $9.95 / Month - 30 Product Listings & Unlimited Sales
•   Pro Store -   $14.95 / Month - Unlimited Product Listings & Sales

Try Handmade Stores free as long as you like, no credit card required! During this time, you can load your products and set the store up for growing your business! If you like what you see then select your pricing group, enter your credit card number and your products will be available for purchase!

* Note: Stores that are in free status for more than 90 days may have their store URL removed without notice so it can be used by another store.

Seller Locations
When you buy from Handmade Stores, you are buying from artisans located in the United States. We do not allow vendors to ship products from foreign countries.

Seller Payment Methods
Payment for sellers is via the secure PayPal platform. The PayPal platform allows buyers to use Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and PayPal Money Transfer.

* Note To ensure buyers can pay without a paypal account you must update your paypal settings as shown Here.

Seller Tax Collection
When it comes to sales taxes, the compliance responsibilities fall upon the seller. If your business happens to make taxable sales of property or services, you need to be prepared to handle the obligation to register with your state's department of revenue; compute the tax; collect the tax; and pay the tax to your state.

Your Handmade Store Domain Name
Handmade Stores offers you an affordable way to sell online using your own business name. Artisans may use this domain address on business cards and promotional materials to improve sales with local customers.

Your domain will appear as:

* Note: Once a domain name is assigned to an active store owner, it may not be used by another store. Inactive domains and delinquent accounts are purged monthly so check back often to see if your ideal store name is now available.

Custom Domain Name
Do you want your own professional custom browser url such as We can help you! Simply register for your domain name using the Custom Domain URL link we provide in the footer. Then go into that site and “web forward” the custom domain to your Handmade Stores name. This way when your customer types “” into their internet browser, they will be sent to your Handmade Store.

Custom Email Address
Do you want your own professional email box such as Custom emails that match your company name tell customers you are a professional and implies confidence in where they are buying! We can help you with this service. Simply register for your domain name using the Custom Domain URL link we provide in the footer. Then add onto the account a custom email address.

Partner Programs
We are pleased to have the following businesses partner with us to bring opportunities for selling to handmade artisans.

Wholesale Supplies Plus - Order over $500 per year to receive a standard store for free.
Handmade Studio – Collect fully stamped 25 loyalty cards and receive a standard store for free for 1 year.

Do you have a favorite vendor or supplier that you wish was a partner? Have them Contact Us!

Education Center
Articles that assist sellers in improving their stores and business are coming soon.


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