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Bath and body products.
Founded in 2018 | 10 Products | Orders Ship in 5-7 business days.
Pick up available for local orders.
Mary Mingle
Eden, NY
About Us
Let me share my story with you and welcome you to my circle of trust.
With a breast cancer diagnosis, surgery, and months of Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy in my rearview mirror, I focused on what I might have done differently in my life to have prevented this devastating disease. Of course, no one can change the past. But, as a wife, mother and grandmother, I vowed to make changes that would make life a little cleaner and healthier for myself, my family and my friends.
After much research, I was able to put together some basic products with minimal chemicals, free of parabens and formaldehydes, and enhanced with natural essential oils instead of artificial fragrances.
I hope you enjoy them as much as we do
Thank you for visiting my store.

Store Policies
If there is a problem with you order, please contact us directly by phone or email for immediate resolution.

Return Policy
Due to sanitary reasons, we cannot accept returns of Bath or Body products.

Shipping Information
We currently ship within the United States only, We do not accept international orders.
We process orders weekdays, Monday through Friday from 8:00AM - 5:00PM EST.
Please allow 5-7 business days after receipt of payment to fill and ship your order. Please note that since some of our products are made fresh when you order, additional time may be needed to ship.
Shipping rates are based on weight of the order. We currently ship USPS Priority Mail or standard shipping, whichever is most cost effective and timely for your particular order. If you prefer a different carrier, email us and we will try our best to accommodate.
Please double check your address as we cannot refund shipping charges if an order is returned due to an address error.

Custom Order Policy
We can do custom orders such as shower favors. Please contact us for details.

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