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The soap that LOVES your skin!
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Pamela Saldutti
Abbeville, SC
Black Raspberry Vanilla - Whipped Sugar Scrub

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$16.50 for (1) 9 ounce - (Out Of Stock)
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This scrub smells exactly like a big juicy ripe black raspberry with a hint of plum and warm vanilla. Smells good enough to eat! (but please don't eat it!)

If you've never tried Whipped *LOVE scrub you're in for a Special treat! This awesome SPA LIKE sugar scrub foams like soap then exfoliates & moisturizes all in one shot! I mean really what could be better than that? I say nothing....


AND that's what are customers are saying too.

AE says: I can't believe how it truly softens my "winter" skin!

CJ says: I Love it! I need more.


But don't take OUR word for it go ahead and TRY it for yourself.

You'll receive ONE Jar weighing approximately 9 ounces.


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