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Egg Gathering Apron Pattern/Tutorial! * Holds 2 do

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$10.00 for (100) PDF
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My Egg Gathering Apron has been incredibly popular since I designed it in February 2016! So popular in fact. that I have had troubles keeping up with orders! These aprons are my shops best selling item, hands down. I have devised this tutorial in order to appeal to those who can already sew and also lessen my order load a tad!


* A PDF file will be emailed to you within 48 hours after payment has cleared. Your email must be included in your order information. If it is not, I will make every attempt to contact you. If you have not received anything from me within 7 days, please contact me through Handmade Stores.

* This download is really more of a tutorial, and not a pattern. I use the word pattern as a descriptor in order to easily identify this item, however the process is all dependent on how you cut your fabric. There is no complicated pattern to size, print out, and piece together!! Just follow the easy-to-follow instructions! This tutorial includes full color pictures and a step-by-step guide in order to perfectly finish aprons for yourself, gifts, or resale!

* Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced -While I hope that I have broken each step down and described/illustrated these techniques in a way that even a Beginner will understand, this tutorial does contain advanced techniques, including numerous tiny pleats.

* ABSOLUTELY! NO! REFUNDS! will be given if you didn't realize this was a pattern.


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