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Harper's Bath Time
Founded in 2016 | 10 Products | Orders Ship in 1-2 Business Days
Quality All Natural Bath,Shave, Lip and Pet Products
Valerie Harper
Reidsville, NC
Hemp Body Butter

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$9.99 for (12) 4 oz Jar
$10.99 for (3) 5 oz Jar
$11.99 for (6) 6 oz Bottle with Pump Top
Qty Available: 12
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Our Hemp Body Moisturizer contains hemp seed oil which has a huge amount of highly concentrated emollients such as both Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. These acids are essential to the human body and are not made naturally, so finding them in a product is a wonderful thing. Hemp lotion works in two ways to give you supple, smooth, moisturized, and soothed skin. First, because of its high concentration of natural oils and moisturizers, it sinks into the skin immediately so that healing can take place. Secondly, after a period of continued use, it can actually help to prevent dry skin problems from happening again.

Hemp seed oil is considered one of the "driest" natural oils. By using our moisturizer the hemp butters will protect your skin in any environment without feeling greasy- the dry and chapped skin of winter or to soothe sun-tanned skin in the summer!

For anyone who has ever suffered from overly dry and itchy skin, they know that a lot of lotions out there just don’t seem to ease the problem. By using both help seed oil and hemp butters in our recipe, our body moisturizer can be used all over, and helps to calm itching because of its anti-inflammatory properties. c and eczema are both painful and itchy skin conditions that occur when skin cells grow and divide faster than normal, hemp oils are thought to slow this process.

We make both Hemp Lotion and Hemp Moisturizer. The difference between the two is that our moisturizer is unscented and slightly thicker


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