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Harper's Bath Time
Founded in 2016 | 10 Products | Orders Ship in 1-2 Business Days
Quality All Natural Bath,Shave, Lip and Pet Products
Valerie Harper
Reidsville, NC
Dog Soap,Moisturizing Pet Shampoo

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$6.00 for (6) 4 oz Paw Print (Lemongrass Scent)
$7.00 for (6) 4.5 oz Dirty Dog Bar Shape Bar
$8.00 for (6) 5.5 oz Bone Shape
Qty Available: 6
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Our detergent free Dog Shampoo Bar is available in our "bone" shape (5.5 oz), or "Dirty Dog Bar" shape (4.5 oz). Both are shrink wrapped, packed in a clear cello bag, and contain a thick zip bag for storage.

We have added oatmeal and coconut oils to help soothe dry and itchy skin, and LaL powder so that the bars soap up with large bubbles, but also rinse off easily. The oatmeal and coconut leave a healthy look and feel to your furbabies coat, while the honey helps to heal skin inflammation and irritations. Our oatmeal and honey scent creates a pleasant smell for your pet instead of the usual "wet dog" scent of most dog shampoos.

We also have smaller bars scented with Lemongrass which is known to repel bugs. This bar does not contain extra storage bag.

Contains: detergent free buttermilk soap base, oat scrub, coconut oil, lathanol (LaL) powder, honey, and fragrance.

Not all soaps are suited for dogs, we have specially designed these soaps to have a PH of 7 which is BEST suited for dogs. Keep bar dry between uses in the bag provided. You will be AMAZED by the way your pet smells, looks, and most important how THEY feel.


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