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HandMade Bath and Body Essentials to keep a relaxed heart and soul!
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Tawana Nichols
Vancouver, WA
Aromatherapy Bath Salt Soak

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$6.00 for (1) 4 oz Jar-back pain
$6.00 for (1) 4 oz Jar-clear mind
$6.00 for (1) 4 oz Jar-clear sinuses
$6.00 for (1) 4 oz Jar-peppermint
$6.00 for (1) 4 oz Jar-relaxation
$6.00 for (1) 4 oz Jar-secret garden
$10.00 for (1) 8 oz Jar-back pain
$10.00 for (1) 8 oz Jar-clear mind
$10.00 for (1) 8 oz Jar-clear sinuses
$10.00 for (1) 8 oz Jar-peppermint
$10.00 for (1) 8 oz Jar-relaxation
$10.00 for (1) 8 oz Jar-secret garden
$11.00 for (1) 9 oz Jar-back pain
$11.00 for (1) 9 oz Jar-clear mind
$11.00 for (1) 9 oz Jar-clear sinuses
$11.00 for (1) 9 oz Jar-peppermint
$11.00 for (1) 9 oz Jar-relaxation
$11.00 for (1) 9 oz Jar-secret gardent
Qty Available: 20
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Enjoy many essential oils, fragrances oils and aromatherapy with our bath Salt Soak. Our bath salt soak will heal, clear your mind, reduce stress, nourish and protect your skin, and relax your muscles; made with any scent of your choice. Our bath salt soaks are handmade using natural ingredients, such as Dead Sea Salt, Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Dendritic Salt, Baking Soda, pure extract, Pure Organic Olive Oil, herbs, essential oils, etc. Included with each order of bath salt is a 1/2 oz. scoop.

We have a variety of themes such as Clear Mind,distress with our Secret Garden, Clear Sinus, Back Pain, Relaxation and Peppermint.

If there is specific theme, colors, or scents you would like, PLEASE SPECIFY in "notes" or send an email.

For more information regarding our product visit:


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