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360 Merchant Street, Vacaville, CA
Founded in 1996 | 16 Products | Orders Ship in 3-5 Business Days
Take the Time For You... And... Relax...
Julie Broussard
Vacaville, CA
About Us
Mission Statement:

Specializing in bath, body and aromatherapy, The Horton Bath Collection offers handcrafted, natural skin care
products for your personal use and enjoyment. I am a true believer of nourishing the body as well as cleansing it,
relaxing and de-stressing. I'm also a true believer that we need to slow our pace... Take some time for ourselves to rejuvenate, pamper, and enjoy a little me time. Lay back and drift away in your fragrant , relaxing bath. Embrace the waters and the fragrances while in your warm shower. Close your eyes and imagine you are somewhere peaceful,
laying in a field of grass, on a beach, in a hammock, or floating on a boat, enjoying soft music, taking in the sun...
unwind in your Horton bath Collection waters.

Please keep in mind each product is 'handmade' and individually packaged. Not every batch will look identical to the
last. Be assured that each batch is made in earnest, with the same attention to detail, with as much enthusiasm and
love as the first. I strive to make each batch better than the last, and I'm always searching and trying new product for
my loyal customers... you all!

Store Policies
Our products are not intended for the treatment, cure, prevention and/or diagnosis of disease. We make no claims to be approved by or tested by the USDA or the FDA. Our products are formulated to be extremely mild but some individuals may have adverse reactions to certain plant materials or other natural products. If irritation occurs, please cease use immediately and consult your physician.

Return Policy
We will accept returns up to 14 days after your initial receipt of the order. Due to integrity concerns, we can only accept the return of products which have their tamper-proof packaging intact. If the outer packaging has been tampered with or removed, we will not accept the return. We must insure all products have not been compromised for the use of all of our customers.

If you have any questions regarding our product, please feel free to call us between the hours of 12 noon to 5 PM (Pacific Standard time), Tuesday - Saturday. It is a better solution to call and ask a question, than to return a product that we may be unable to accept.

360 Merchant Street
Vacaville, CA 95688

Shipping Information
We ship orders 5 days a week Tuesday through Saturday.  Orders usually ship within 3-5 business days. We mostly ship with USPS.

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