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Curiously Effective Solutions
Founded in 2007 | 6 Products | Orders Ship in 1-3 business days
Dr. Randi Kuns, Pharm D
Randi Kuns
Eliot, ME
About Us
Itchy Scratchy People came about because an itchy scratchy pharmacist decided she could no longer put off dealing with her own itchy scratchiness. When it became apparent that the high quality, logic-defying, itch-relieving products she needed didn't actually exist yet, she realized it was up to her to find a solution for herself and the world. After all, why did she give all that money to the University of Georgia if not to prepare her for eliminating mankind's long standing dilemma of itchy scratchiness? So she created creations, using herself and several colleagues as her initial testing subjects(this did include babies, but NO ANIMALS) :). After much hard work and actual use of long-forgotten chemistry, she rejoiced at her triumph in bringing itchy scratchy relief to herself and others. It was officially time to tell the world: "Itchy Scratchiness doesn't have to rule your life! Banish it with Itchy Scratchy People!"

Store Policies
Buy stuff. I will make it and ship it to you. You will be filled with delight!

Return Policy
I don't sell or distribute returns, so I don't typically accept returns. I will mail you a new or correct product if an error has occurred; do not hesitate to contact us so that we can make everything right as rain!

Shipping Information
I ship USPS exclusively. Regional rate(3-5 days) allows for up to 10 pounds for $9, and Priority mail(2-3 days) allows for up to 2.5 pounds for $8.50

Custom Order Policy
I LOVE custom orders. LOVE THEM, I say! Let me know what you have in mind, and together we will create something tremendous!

Wholesale Information
I am looking for stores in New England to sell my products through. Please contact me for further details and my wholesale pricing.

Fundraising Opportunities
I personally support End 68 Hours of Hunger, Toys for Tots, and HOPE Worldwide.

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