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Come for the monkeys, stay for the soap.
Founded in 2017 | 10 Products | Orders Ship in 1-2 days
(Each soap is modeled by a monkey in my collection!)
Alison Baker
Warminster, PA
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About Us
*Please send an email if you'd like the complete list of soaps that are in stock.

I started soaping in February 2017, and it's become an obsession! I now have more soap than I will ever need, so I'm trying to distribute it in order to be able to keep soaping! I test my products on myself before they go to anyone else. My three assistants (okay, they're dogs) have also been known to taste test them. I teach English as a Second Language at the local community college, I'm passionate about animal rescue, and I love taking my horse in the woods. (That's how the soaping started; a torn ACL meant I needed to find something to do while I recovered!)

Return Policy
If you're not happy, please let me know and I'll do all I can to correct the situation.

Shipping Information
Friends and Family Special: In-Person Deliveries are free! Just email me to let me know what you want, and you won't have to pay for shipping.
All soaps come packaged and ready to give as gifts. Please give me a day or so to get them ready, since I'm working at a few other jobs. :)

Custom Order Policy
Let me know if there is a particular smell or color you love, and I'll try to make something! Also let me know if you have an event coming up, and I can make gifts for your guests.

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