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Fun Organic Bath & Body Products
Founded in 2016 | 3 Products | Orders Ship in 3-5 business days
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mai asker
tampa , FL
jack skeleton Bath Bombs

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$7.50$12.99 for (1) oz
$999.00 for (0)
Qty Available: 10000
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? These Bath Bombs are made fresh when ordered ?

~This listing is for (1) bath bomb

~ Enjoy your "Me Time" and escape with one of these exotic bath bombs while it revitalize and nourishes your skin.

~When dropped into the tub, bath bombs and melts will fizz and release fantastic fragrances and oils into the water for a truly delightful soaking experience.

~Bath bombs need 2-3 days to completely dry before being shipped.

*NOTE: ~For pregnant women, please consult a health physician before use.
~This product should NOT be used
on infant and baby skin.
~For children ages 8 & up, half of a bath bomb is suggested, depending on the amount of water :) Please consult a health physician before use.

?These bath bombs do not stain tubs
?Tub may become slippery when entering and exiting bath water so use caution!
?These bath bombs may leave glitter on the skin and tub
? All bath bombs are shrink wrapped for protection and longer preservation of its scent.?


These bath bombs consists of...

~Sodium Bicarbonate
~Citric Acid
~Corn Starch
~Kaolin Clay
~Epsom Salt
~ SLSA ( bubble powder )
~Witch Hazel (Astringent)
~Organic Sweet Almond Oil (Softens the skin)
~ organic virgin coconut oil
~ organic Shea butter
~Vitamin E (Protects and repairs skin)
~ colorant (Mica Powder)
- fragrance oil


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