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Nancy Palmatier
Belton, SC
Lotion Candles

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$15.00 for (1) 8oz-Black Raspberry Vanilla
$15.00 for (1) 8oz-Peppermint Eucalyptus
$15.00 for (1) 8oz-Pomegranate Cider
Qty Available: 10
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Lotion Candles – The luxurious aromas will relax your mind while softening and soothing your skin. Each lotion candle is hand-poured, using soya, coconut oil,shea butter, hemp and avocado oil to create a unique blend of skin moisturizer. With no paraffin and no alcohol, our lotion can be used from face to toe.

The lotion is versatile and easy to use! It can be melted by lighting the wick, or by placing on a candle warmer. So light it before a shower, if you wish, and it will not only be ready when you are, the scrumptious aroma will have filled the room. You may choose to keep it constantly melted on a warmer. In this way, you can moisturize at any given moment and the scent will permeate your home.


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