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All natural products
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Melanie Connor
Morristown, NY
About Us
I am a small soap maker in my home, on the banks of the St Lawrence River, there for the name; River House Soap. I started making soap and products to completely cut out chemicals, preservatives and anything harmful. I use the freshest of ingredients, natural, organic if possible, every product. I am an aromatherapy student and use 100% pure essential oils and totally believe in the therapeutic benefits of these products.

Store Policies
I guarantee the very freshest of ingredients, from oils, butters to essential oils. Most orders when received are made next day to your order, which is then sent out 1-2 days after.

Return Policy
If an order gets to you and has damage, I will work with the post office to get a refund. These are consumable products and are returnable only if spoiled or can be proven unusable. We are not responsible for known allergies to certain products, please know your allergies to food/skin products before ordering.

Shipping Information
Products are made fresh, soap is within its curing time to up to a year for sale. If I am already out of an item I will text you immediately.

Custom Order Policy
I have many items available through my different accounts and will always try to fill a special order if needed.

Wholesale Information
I do offer wholesale on soap, I have many scents available through my Facebook page or email. I will also do custom orders of essential oil soaps.

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