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Makers of quality home-made beeswax and honey soap
Founded in 2014 | 4 Products | Orders Ship in 2-3 days
Honey and other honeybee products available
Raymond & Kimberly Foster
Gray, GA
About Us
We are a small apiary (bee farm) located in middle Georgia. All of our products are harvested/made in our home with great care to keep the quality very high.

Store Policies
We make no therapeutic or medicinal claims on any of our products. While many of our customers say our products help with various conditions, we do not claim that any of our products cure any conditions. Any reference which may be attached to a product is for informational purposes only. Individual results may vary.

Return Policy
All sales should be considered final. Please contact us through the contact form for assistance in the case of an issue. Problems are rare, but they can happen. We want our customers to be happy with all of our products.

Shipping Information
We will ship by the quickest and most economical method within 1-3 days. Let us know if you have a particular shipping method.

Free local delivery or pick-up is available in the middle Georgia area for three or more products.

Custom Order Policy
Please contact us using the contact form or at for custom orders.

Wholesale Information
Please contact us using the contact form or at for wholesale purchases. Four to six weeks lead time is needed to allow for manufacture and curing of soap. We would love to work with you in placing our products in your business.

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