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Beautiful handmade soaps and bath goodies made with top-notch skin-loving ingredients and oils including olive oil, shea butter, vitamin-rich rice bran oil, coconut oil, various clays and more! Please like us on Facebook for product updates!
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South Mitten Soap Company
Tecumseh, MI
Heart Shaped Bubble Bars

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$3.75$5.00 for (1) Bubble Bar Hearts - (Out Of Stock)
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Heart Shaped Peppered Orange Caramel bubble bars-with fun mini ball of soap in center-

These are SOOO much fun and make amazing fluffy creamy bubbles! These are great for yourself or a "lovely" gift! Each will come wrapped in a piece of tulle which you can tie around your facet to dissolve your bubble bar or you may

crumble/break a piece off of the bar and place in a muslin bag, nylon stocking, or in provided tulle. Place under the hot, running tap so all the pieces melt & make bubbles. Hot water makes more bubbles than warm, and the more agitation (either by fast hands or jets) the more bubbles! Agitate the water by hand to fluff up more bubbles or use your tub jets for over-the-top crazy bubbles (if using jets you only need a SMALL piece of the bar or your bubbles will overtake you. Then enjoy a natural bubble bath with a delightful fragrance!


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